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A Birthday Surprise for Everyone

Hey folks! Big news (sorta).

I finished "Queen of the Wood"!

I had the final chapters written the weekend before last but spent the last week going through and editing from the beginning. Since it's my birthday today, I decided not to wait on posting chapters and get them all up. I still feel like it's very much a draft, though that's the joy of Wattpad. I can post it and get feedback to hopefully make it better before I go forward with publishing. I'm also planning to enter it into next year's Wattys (which gives me plenty of time for improvements).

Anywho, give it a read and let me know what you think. Up next for writing:

  1. Start editing "The Whitehall Affair" for publishing (expected release date - this spring)

  2. Start writing "Apparition in the Attic," book 1 in my cozy mystery series, The Lincoln County Chronicles

  3. Start writing "Into the Flames," book 2 in my urban fantasy series, The Fishers Bay Series

Thanks for following along on my writing journey. Got more in store for my 39th year on Earth.

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