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Wattys Shortlist: Breaking Shadows

Hey folks! I’m once again back with another review from the Wattys 2023 Shortlist (Completed)! It’s another miracle that I have a new post and it’s been less than a week since the last one.

For my second review, I read “Breaking Shadows” by Marie Murphy (@Marie_Murphy on Wattpad). I feel like a lot of the shortlist books are of the fantasy/paranormal variety this year (yes, I know - I have no room to speak, though I consider “The Whitehall Affair” more mystery/thriller than paranormal); however, I’m not complaining. I love me a good fantasy/supernatural/paranormal book.

“Breaking Shadows” is the first in the Shadow Series and tells the story of young witch Riley, who makes a deal with an angel of death to save the one family member she has left. We start there and are quickly swept up in the intrigues of the witch world and the growing bond between Riley and Rafe - a seemingly impossible relationship as angels and witches definitely don’t get along.

The book does a great job of setting up the foundation for the world that we’re in, including the rules our supernatural creatures live by and the history of the witches that leads us into the major conflict. I’m enamored with Riley and was very much rooting for her and Rafe. There were some times when I got a bit confused, but the story was so interesting that, in the long run, it didn’t matter all that much.

I love the witchcraft and can tell that Marie put a lot of thought and work into creating their world and the characters. People aren’t always what they seem in this book, and there are some good twists and dynamics going on.

Definitely recommend if you’re down for a good witchy book with a forbidden romance. Oh, and a protagonist who comes into her own, both of her own volition and with some help from great friends. I’m excited to see what happens next to Riley, Fawn, Arden, and Rafe in book two “Rising Shadows.” (But after I get through more of the shortlist.)

Go check out "Breaking Shadows" here.

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