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All works - completed and in progress, published and unpublished - by writer Emily Crewse Kalka.

SW Cover (1).png


Completed, Published

Something evil is lurking on the campus of Carleton State. And despite being a student reporter, Daisy is determined to find out who it is and get justice. It's what she does, after all. Doesn't hurt that it all helps her build towards her future career as a serious journalist. However, this time she finds herself in over her head and must rely on the help of someone she least expects - reserved, yet popular football player Tyler. Something that her best friend Zack from her hometown doesn't understand.

But what starts out as a partnership grows complicated with feelings, friends and pasts getting in the way. And all the while, a killer is still on the loose and only growing bolder. Daisy convinces herself that it's just a story and she's merely an observer. But slowly, she finds herself drawn into something that turns out much bigger, and much more personal, than she originally thought. Despite all of her friends' warnings to, for once, stay out of trouble.

It seems trouble follows Daisy and this is certainly no different. The question is... will she be next?

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

WHA Cover (1).png


Completed, Unpublished

Nora Wright is no longer the person she used to be.

Once an up-and-coming crime reporter, she now sticks to fluff pieces that are safe. That don't trigger the crippling anxiety she was left with after a traumatic experience three years prior. 

However, Nora's world is turned upside down when she discovers a photograph from the 1920s of a woman who looks like her twin in none other than Whitehall Mansion - an iconic landmark in New York City known just as much for its infamous past as its grand architecture.  

Nora embarks on a mission to solve the nearly 100-year-old mystery surrounding the woman, aided by the city's golden boy - Nick Whitehall, the current head of the rich, powerful family that built and owns the mansion - and ghostly visions of the past that leave her questioning her sanity. Along the way, she starts to uncover more than she bargained for as Nick becomes increasingly more invested in her search within the mansion's walls.

What secrets does Whitehall Mansion hold? And what lengths will the Whitehall family go to in order to keep them hidden?

QOW Cover.jpg


Completed, Unpublished

For 20 years, Aisling Turner has been stuck in a past that she can't remember.

Life as she knew it ended the night her best friend Maeve disappeared during a homecoming party in the woods. A night that is bathed in blurry faces and fuzzy recollections. The closest Aisling gets are the nightmares that plague her - dreams where she can never find Maeve. 

After two decades of living in Miami, where she was dragged to escape the wagging tongues of a town that suspects she had something to do with the disappearance, Aisling is finally coming home. While the purpose is to help with her grandmother's funeral, part of her hopes to finally find some closure. To let go of the guilt that's been slowly eating her alive.

What she doesn't expect is to reconnect with her high school crush, Brett. Or to receive a suspicious message accusing her of knowing more about that fateful night than she does.

With Brett's help - and against her better judgment - Aisling sets out to uncover what happened to Maeve the night she was crowned homecoming queen. 

The question is, will the truth finally give her peace, or will it break Aisling forever?

ITF Cover.jpg


Completed, Unpublished

Nadia swore she would never be like her mother - running from a past that is as dense as the fog that rolls into the strange village of Fisher's Bay. And yet, here she is. In a town that she's never heard of, clearing out the house of a grandmother she never knew. Running from the biggest screw-up of her life that has left her without a career, her journalistic reputation in shambles.


And yet, there's something in the town hidden on the coastline of the Pacific Northwest that draws her in, even though she is followed by stares and whispers, all revolving around her grandmother. Perhaps it's the sense of mystery that shrouds Fisher's Bay, or the secrets about her family that she hopes to uncover, like just why her mother left all those years ago, cutting both of them off from a seemingly loving family. Or maybe it's the handsome, yet standoffish mayor Remy Hutchinson who conjures up wants and dreams in Nadia that she had never considered. 


But when local fishermen start showing up dead, the town turns on her, thinking she's responsible. Nadia wants to believe she's innocent, but she isn't sure of who she is anymore, experiencing odd blackouts and dreams, often waking up in her bed covered in sand and dirt. 


She wants to run, but can't bring herself to do so. She wants to know all the secrets that Fisher's Bay holds. The question is: Is she ready for it?

Genre: Paranoramal/Mystery

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