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Moving & I Do Not Get Along

So, as you've probably guessed, I haven't been writing lately. I'm in the final six days until I move out of my apartment and in with my friend, which is the first step to making the big move back to the U.S. And I'm so ready to get to her place. Since I quit my fulltime job earlier this month, I've been living, eating and breathing Project Get Rid of Everything. My apartment in Seoul isn't that big, but sheesh, it feels like every time I clear out one space and feel accomplished, I turn around and THERE'S EVEN MORE STUFF!

I honestly don't know how I fit everything in here. Or even why I had so many things. I should have done a deep clean of my office back when I first redid it to make into a more productive workspace.

Suppose this is a lesson to myself to be better about collecting stuff when I get into my new place in Miami. One I hope to stick to, though I suppose we'll see.

Anyway, the other side of all this is figuring out how to get myself, my things and my dogs to the U.S. Some of that is proving easy - it's not that expensive to ship boxes that are up to 30kg back to the U.S., which was a much need win for today. Because I also discovered just how difficult it's going to be getting my two dogs there. One I can take with me on the flight in cabin. The other, well, it's proving trickier. And very expensive. I mean - I knew it would be costly back when I adopted Pippin, otherwise I would have never taken on that responsibility. However, I wasn't expecting a pandemic to blow in and completely change everything I had researched before on getting both pups overseas. (Or, well, let's be honest - I hadn't been thinking about moving back at that time either.) But, even if it ends up costing me $3,000 or more, I will get everyone to the U.S. safe and sound. I'm just hoping I can find a friend or volunteer flying to Florida around the same time who can take Pippin in-cabin with them rather than use a service, which is much less expensive.

Anywho, once we're all settled at my friend's place, I should hopefully have more time to write. I'm just hoping to have the motivation and inspiration. I've sat down and tried to write a bit over the last couple of weeks, but it's been hard. I suppose that's the side effect of all the moving stress. But I am still posting "Wrecked by You" since I'm pretty far ahead in writing. "The Whitehall Affair" will hopefully follow soon...

Stay safe out there everyone! And thanks for following!

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