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Something in the Works

So, I think it's time I start working on self-publishing "Something Wicked." Hooray! It's been up on Wattpad for about a year now and I think I'm ready to try and to market it on my own. I was looking into hiring a professional editor, however, I still don't have the funds for it. I do work as a professional editor, so am a firm believer in paying what an editor is worth (God, I've had tons of people try to undercut me over the years), but I just can't justify dropping $1,300-$1,500 on having someone edit a 130k+ novel at the moment.

Maybe someday...

For now, I'm going through and editing it myself to make sure it's clean before I put it up on Kindle (and I'm going to have paperbacks available as well). Storywise, I feel I'm good. Lord knows I edited the crap out of it as I was writing and after I finished. Though I'm going to wait to make it live until after the book club on March 27. I want to see if I get any feedback from the group that I can apply.

And I'm really going to have to step up my marketing game, that's for sure.

But, as I will be publishing on Amazon, I needed to do a new cover. The one I had previously, I'm not 100% I can use that photo for commercial purposes even though I got it off a stock photo site. Either way, to be safe, I thought it would be a good idea to do a new one with photos I know I won't get in trouble for.

So, without further ado, the new cover for "Something Wicked"!

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