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The Saga of the A/C Ghost

Now, I’m a practical sort of person. I’ve never believed in ghosts and hauntings and all that, though I am a massive fan of ghost hunting shows. I find them absolutely hilarious. Seriously. Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural is my jam. (Go Shaniacs!)

Anyway, I never put much stock in it. Until now… maybe.

I mean, yes. I completely believe in ghosts now. *Looks nervously around my room.*

Buckle in, folks. I’ve got - I cannot believe I’m saying this - ghost story.

As many of you know, my roommates and I moved into our new apartment last weekend. My friend and her partner moved in on Saturday while I moved in on Sunday. As soon as we walked in Saturday, we noticed there was a water leak from the A/C. It had damaged the floor in the master bedroom. Knowing that you have to jump on these things, we put in a maintenance request immediately.

When they came in the next day, we were told that it was leaking on the right side. They did some things. Weren’t sure if they fixed it. Promised to come back the next day to make sure.

They didn’t fix it. Maintenance came and went a couple times and they weren’t too sure what was wrong. The leak would stop for a bit, but always start back up.

One night over wine, Roomie and I joked about the A/C being possessed by a ghost.

“Should we sage the place?” I asked, chuckling.

“Um. No. We’re not doing that,” Roomie deadpanned.

Right. Of course. I’ve watched enough ghost hunting shows to know that crap always hits the fan as soon as they try to expel whatever entity is residing in any said place. I then jokingly offered the A/C Ghost some wine, but Roomie nixed that idea, not wanting to attract ants.

We both vowed to peacefully coexist with the A/C Ghost.

The next day, the maintenance guy came back, saying he thought it was a problem with a certain pipe. As he’s doing this, he reaches under said pipe… and ends up slicing his hand open so bad, he has to go to the ER.

Yea. Apparently the A/C Ghost didn’t like the quips about sage and wine offerings. When he came back the next day, the maintenance guy had his hand in a cast.

We have a few more appointments with maintenance. Thought they fixed it, but then it started leaking on the other side. They thought it was because the A/C was unbalanced when it was installed. They balance it. It starts leaking equally on both sides.

Last night, we end up discussing the A/C Ghost over some Coronas. Roomie said her partner’s mother is convinced that she’s cursed. The last apartment she lived in in Seoul had massive toilet issues. Which turned out to be because someone - at some point - had put not one, not two, but THREE bricks (I kid you not) in the toilet pipe. Before that, the plumber had pulled up socks. A pair of men’s socks. Roomie had no idea how those got there and even asked her partner if he had flushed them (he hadn’t - obviously). Once they fixed that (it involved completely removing her toilet, then cutting open the wall on the first floor), her washing machine decided that it didn’t like its placement and ended moving across the bathroom into the newly fixed toilet, completely knocking it loose since the caulk hadn’t dried yet.

Okay, maybe she is cursed. And she brought it here to Florida.

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I noticed was that I could hear the coffee pot brewing. Which was odd, because normally I can’t hear anything in my room from the kitchen. The next was that it was really warm, but I didn’t think too much about that because Roomie had taken to turning off the A/C every now and then to cut back on the amount of water leaking into her bedroom.

When I stepped out of my room, I learned that it wasn’t the coffee pot I was hearing - it was the A/C. Which is now completely broken.

Yea, apparently we continue to keep pissing off the A/C Ghost and it’s further enacting its revenge on us.

So now we’re here. Waiting on maintenance to come. We were told at 11:30 a.m. that maintenance is busy, but we’re next on the list. It’s now nearly 4 p.m. and they still haven’t made it to us yet. We’re hoping they get here before the end of the day, otherwise we’re looking at a weekend of no A/C. Thankfully there’s a Target about a five-minute drive away, so we can quickly stock up on fans.

But yea, I’m a believer. And considering a Google search of ways to appease ghosts. Because sheesh… We haven’t even been here a week and we already have a fourth roommate…

The A/C Ghost.

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