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Now that I'm getting closer to finishing up "Wrecked by You" I thought I might introduce my next projects. I'm excited to work on them and hoping they come along quickly and smoothly, though one might kick my butt...

Ever since she was a little girl, Finn has lived in her dreams and daydreams.

Nothing sad or traumatic ever happened to her. She had a very happy little life. A normal life with her parents and little sister in a small town. But the dreams, they were so real. At times she couldn’t always tell what was reality and what wasn’t.

Dreams of a dark place, full of shadows and whispers telling her to do things. Bad things. Wicked things. Or dreams of a place full of bright light. Order. Calm and stability.

Both places seemingly at war with each other.

But then her family died in a tragic accident when Finn was 20, leaving her to fend for herself. She moved to a new city to try and leave it all behind her and start over. The dreams, however, never stopped.

As Finn nears her 30th birthday, the dreams are becoming more persistent. Her best friend Aiden tells her they are just that - dreams. But she can feel it in her bones, something is coming.

What she doesn’t realize is that there is much more to the world that she has ever known. And that Aiden has been keeping secrets. Secrets that will turn Finn’s world upside down.

If only he has the courage to tell her before it’s too late.

So this is actually a fantasy story that I'm picking back up. I started it a few years ago and then lost interest when I started writing novels that weren't fantasy. Funny enough, most of my unfinished works (and there are many) are fantasy. I'm hoping the motivation to finish stuff that I got from completing "Something Wicked" and "The Whitehall Affair" will help me to go back and finally get some of them done. Like this one. And "The Witch of Marshallville" series.

I started this in the midst of my obsession with fae and the good folk, so it is fae. I was doing a lot of research into the folklore for the "Witch of Marshallville" series, and had just reread the "Wicked Lovely" series when this idea popped into my head. There are some similar concepts with "The Witch of Marshallville" - namely a protagonist who knows nothing about the mystical world and finds herself suddenly part of it. And the idea of courts/kingdoms of fae came from "Wicked Lovely."

It's not going to be very long - maybe about 17-20 chapters. I currently have only 17 chapters planned, but knowing me, I'm likely to add in a few as I write. I currently have up to Chapter 6 finished, with parts of a couple other chapters later on written and all of Chapter 10 finished. I'm planning to start posting it when I finish "Wrecked by You." I'm currently finishing up Chapter 41 of that one and have started posting Part 2. Knowing me, as soon as I write Chapter 50, I'll probably post it all in one go. Either way, I have enough time to get a good portion of "Chaos & Order" finished before I start posting.

Anna is not dead.

She can’t be. There’s no way that’s possible.

Because if she was dead, why would her afterlife consist of sitting in a hospital waiting room with four other women she has never met before - women she would likely never hang out with ever? All of them telling her that she is, indeed, dead.

This isn’t heaven. She had always been a good Christian girl and if she was dead, she would be walking through pearly gates being greeted by her favorite grandparents, with Saint Peter showing her to the mansion with her name on it and filled with all her favorite things.

It must be a concussion. Or a coma. Or a dream. Or a coma dream.

But the more she listens to these women tell their stories, the more something feels off. Not right. The more puzzle pieces appear. And start somehow fitting together.

Maybe she is dead.

But if she is, why the hell is she stuck here?

Now this... this is my new baby. I got the idea after watching a YouTube interview series that my best friend sent me. That led to a full on conversation about the idea and before I knew it, we had a novel pretty much plotted out focusing on five women from completely different walks of life, thrown together in what seems to be an impossible situation.

I've included her name on the cover as I consider it pretty 50/50. I'm doing all the writing and coming up with details, but she contributed a lot to the plot and characters.

I've started on Chapter 1 and did some chapter plotting, but it needs a fair bit of work before I start posting it on Wattpad. But I'm so in love with it and excited, that I had to share. It's going to be difficult - there is a mystery/thriller element to it, but there is no "real" action. The entire story takes place in the waiting room and is going to be a lot of dialogue and internal exposition from Anna's point of view. Which means if done wrong, it could be incredibly slow. I've given myself a goal of about 20 chapters and 50,000-70,000 words, which is much shorter than I normally write. "Something Wicked" was a whopping 130,000+ words while "The Whitehall Affair" was about 90,000+ words. But I feel like it needs to be tight.

Too long and I risk the the story becoming sluggish. But at the same time, I don't what to rush it.

I'm hoping to have this finished by September so that it too can be entered into the Wattys. I just get a good feeling about it, though we'll see. Once I get the first 10-15 chapters written and to a point that I'm happy with, I'll start posting, but I'm not sure just how long that will be.

And yea, that's what I'm doing right now!

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